Insurance Strategy Reviews: "saving money by understanding risk"

  • Client A: £5m premium savings in last 5 years, with new insurers, compared to previous broker's advice
  • Client B: £1m premium saving at last renewal, from an actuarially designed and implemented fully-optimised bespoke programme
  • Client C: Client reported £500k pa of ongoing savings from "Insurance Redesign", net of fees etc.
  • Client D: Second Opinion on renewal premiums/terms: advised that renewal premiums c10% too high, profit share clause biased to insurer
  • Client E: Pre-litigation review of previous actuarial/broking advice: advised c£10m+ loss from poor historic advice
  • Client F: Broker review/selection; independent scoring of new broker and new insurers
  • Typical savings: c33% of premium spend (net of all fees, risk financing costs etc) from poorly-designed programmes
  • Suitable for premium spend £100k- £10m+
  • Independent from all brokers and insurers
  • Client quote: "His accumulated benchmark data across many classes of business (is) of immense value in providing comfort to our businesses."

Other Services

  • Over 20 years' expertise in local authority insurance fund reviews (abuse, asbestos, pollution [birth defects])
  • Sole actuarial advisor to first-of-its-kind £100m UK Child Abuse Redress Scheme, including advice on all related insurance matters[]
  • Asbestos reserving expertise across many industries, including pension scheme hedging of asbestos liabilities
  • Bespoke training (Solvency II for insureds, how to present risks, balance sheet management for insurable risks: ROC, WACC, EBITDA impacts etc)

  • Over 200 client projects (for almost 100 insureds) since 2003
  • All projects confidential and covered by Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Free initial consultations at your UK offices to determine if savings acheivable / projects are cost-beneficial
  • Client quote: "His reputation, expertise....discretion and independence from the usual firms are of immense value in providing comfort to our businesses."

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